Rewinding the Buzzcocks: The Triumphant Return

If you’re reading this, then congratulations! You’re approximately ten seconds away from saying “A blog reviewing twenty-year-old episodes of Never Mind the Buzzcocks? Fucking hell” and closing the tab. OK, all self-deprecation aside, if you’re reading this you may notice that it’s four years since I last posted on this blog. So what happened? Well, uh, I basically had a very similar thought to the one I ascribed to you just now.

In the meantime a lot has happened. I’ve found regular work (it may shock you, but I was struggling to find work back in the days when starting this blog seemed like an attractive prospect). I’ve grown as a person, largely in the waistband. I’ve probably not watched an episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks since. In fact, I only came back to this blog when I was considering starting another blog.

As it happens, though, I had been thinking about Never Mind the Buzzcocks recently, so I decided to reread my old blogs. What do you know, I actually enjoyed my rambling, non-proofread analysis. So I’ve decided, for the three or so people who might have cared four years ago, to bring it back. So here we are: back.

Two things: first, it appears that the BBC have decided to get into the act of uploading the show to YouTube. Great! Except not great. This means they’ve taken almost every full episode online down, replaced them with clips of ‘moments’ and put only a small few episodes on in full (the first series, but not the second, for example). I’m a bit weary, for a start, of anything uploaded by the Beeb themselves, considering the edits they foisted on the Fist of Fun DVD, for example. Since one of my pleasures in reviewing old episodes was in flagging up things that seem different with time, and since they don’t like to acknowledge that things could ever be different with time, I don’t feel I can trust them to give a full, unvarnished account of the show’s early years. Fortunately I have managed to find the Lamarr years for download online (and Christ, it took a while), but this does mean I’ll no longer be linking to the episodes in my reviews.

Secondly, as a working man, I can’t really be expected to do these on a regular schedule. So really, it may be an occasional project I come to whenever I feel like it. But isn’t that better than nothing? Probably not.

So there you go. I’m back, but the shows are gone, and I might not be back often. Champagne?


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